Want to join our Reading Team for short fiction, poetry, or nonfiction?

This is the place to start! We'll guide you through our application process and what to expect. After successfully sending your application and questionnaire responses, you can expect a response from our editors within 2-4 weeks. Thanks for your interest in CARVE.

Application Instructions

Our reading team application process is now all via Submittable. The entire process may take up to an hour, because of the reading and commenting involved. The good news is Submittable auto-saves form data, so you can start this now and then leave and come back to finish it later.

What to Expect—if you join CARVE's Reading Team

Before you start our application process, you should know what we expect of reading team members. We assign submissions on a weekly basis, so you'll be asked to read, vote, and comment on 3-5 stories, poems, or essays (depending on your chosen genre) every week. As a volunteer, you'll have to decide how much you can contribute and communicate with us should your schedule change.

We also have what we call "editor's desk" pieces—these are stories, poems, or essays that have made their way through a few team members and are now being considered by the full genre team and editor. These readings are optional but highly encouraged; they give a broad sample of the kind of works being considered for publication, which may in turn help develop your own eye for the kind of works that typically appear in our pages.

What You Get—if you join CARVE's Reading Team

Joining our reading team means you're part of an international and diverse community that values good literature and the conversations around it. Reading Team members receive each of our quarterly issues in PDF format and a monthly e-newsletter exclusive to subscribers and staff highlighting what's happening with CARVE and team members like you. (We'll ask you each month if you have any exciting literary/publishing successes you want to share with our community!)

We also try to provide opportunities for team members to expand their experience. After a period of reliable reading and thoughtful commenting, Reading Team members may be invited to join the volunteer Interview Team to be featured in the quarterly issues or online Q&As with contributors, or to join the Critique Team, where team members are paid to write full-fledged critiques. And if a new position opens up within CARVE, our Reading Team members are among the first to know.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.